Tracheotomy Tube Cuffed

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Product Description


Tracheotomy Tube cuffed
1. Made-grade PVC
2. With X-ray line on tubing
3. Atraumatic soft rounded tip

Tracheotomy Tube cuffed


Brief Introduction:

The tracheotomy tube cuffed is used in general anaesthesia, intensive care and emergency medicine for airway managementand mechanical ventilation. The tube is inserted into a patient’s trachea through an incision in the trachea (the windpipe).


To achieve above-mentioned purpose, the product should have the following functions: airway managementand mechanical ventilation.



1. Atraumatic soft rounded tip is less invasive;

2 Be with X-ray line help to do locatoin precisely during operation;

3. Pre-curved shape easy to insert, reduce trauma.

4. With nect tie.

5. CE & ISO 13485 certified.



Item No. Size(mm) Item No. Size(mm)
HTC0530C 3.0 HTC0565C 6.5
HTC0535C 3.5 HTC0570C 7.0
HTC0540C 4.0 HTC0575C 7.5
HTC0545C 4.5 HTC0580C 8.0
HTC0550C 5.0 HTC0585C 8.5
HTC0555C 5.5 HTC0590C 9.0
HTC0560C 6.0


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