Disposable Pen Type Multi Sample Needle


Disposable Pen Type Multi Sample Needle

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Product Description


Disposable Pen Type Multi-Sample Needle
1. be used for blood multiple sampling
2. more convenient and safety to use


Disposable Pen Type Multi-Sample Needle


Brief introduction:

Disposable pen type multi-sample needle can be used for taking blood samples, it permit several samples to be taken with a single puncture and it’s sharp and smooth edges make penetration painless, so in a word, it is more convenient, easlier and safety to use.



1. Latex free ;

2. EO sterile, non-pyrogenic ;

3. Different sizes with different colors ;

4. CE, ISO approved ;

5. For single use only.


Model Size Color
16G*1 1/2” 1.6*38mm White
18G*1 1/2” 1.2*38mm Pink
20G*1 1/2” 0.9*38mm Yellow
20G*1” 0.9*25mm Yelllow
21G*1 1/2” 0.8*38mm Deep green
21G*1” 0.8*25mm Deep green
22G*1 1/2” 0.7*38mm Black
22G*1” 0.7*25mm Black
23G*1” 0.6*25mm Deep blue


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