Disposable I.V. Cannula

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Disposable IV Cannula
1.Stainless 3-facet Needle point, siliconized for smooth and painless puncture;
2. FEP material catheter

Disposable I.V. Cannula


Brief introduction:

The disposable IV Cannula are consist of needle, needle hub, catheter, flash back chamber, threaded stopper.

Scope of application: disposable use of venous transfusion, hypodermic injection clinic.


1. FEP catheter , latex free,kink resistant;

2. With injection port and wings;

3. verious types for chioce;

4. Sterile by EO gas;

5.For single use only;


Item No. Gauge Color Coding Specification Flow Rate
HTF0214I 14G Orange 2.00”(2.1*50mm) 300ml/min
HTF0216I 16G Gray 2.00’’(1.7*50mm) 200ml/min
HTF0218I 18G Green 1.77”(1.3*45mm) 90ml/min
HTF0220I 20G Pink 1.30”(1.1*33mm) 61ml/min
HTF0222I 22G Blue 1.00”(0.9*25mm) 36ml/min
HTF0224I 24G Yellow 0.75”(0.7*19mm) 18ml/min
HTF0226I 26G Purple 0.63”(0.6*16mm) 12ml/min


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