Colostomy and Urostomy Bags

a-12-1-Colostomy and Urostomy Bagsa-12-1-Colostomy and Urostomy Bags
a-12-1-3-Colostomy and Urostomy Bagsa-12-1-3-Colostomy and Urostomy Bags
a-12-1-2-Colostomy and Urostomy Bagsa-12-1-2-Colostomy and Urostomy Bags

Colostomy and Urostomy Bags

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Product Description

• Durable Reusable or Disposable Single Use
• EO Sterile, Medical Grade PVC for Disposable
• 15-45mm, 15-57mm, 15-70mm,
• Standard Wear Drainable Ostomy
Pouch with odor barrier film


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