Central Screw Vaginal Speculum


Central Screw Vaginal Speculum

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Product Description


Central-screw Vaginal Speculum
1. Be made of medical-grade polystyrene
2. Central-screw type
3. PE or PO bag, Paper-film pack

Central-screw Vaginal Speculum


Brief Introduction:

A central-screw vaginal speculum is a medical tool for investigating body cavities, with a form dependent on the body cavity for which it is designed. It is usually being used in gynocology examination surgery.


Instruction of use:

Before use, the users must read the usage manual, and then take the speculum, push the duckbill of speculum   which is closed into the vagina slowly. Open the  duckbill of speculum according to the demand, fix the nut of the speculum, then it can be used in checking and treatment gynecology disease. After all, loose the nut of the speculum, take the duckbill of speculum out of the vagina slowly.



·The central-screw vaginal speculum is for single use only and must be destroyed after use .Reuse is prohibited.

·Sterilization guaranteed if package unopened. Use the speculum immediately after opened.

·Stored in a cool and dry place.

Sterilization: Our factory has sterilization chamber . By EO gas. nontoxic

Service : OEM service is available .


Usage custom:

(1).lateral screw type:often used in Europe,Southeast Asia and some Africa countries and so on.

(2).push type :often used in Usa,Canada and Latin America and so on.

(3). middle screw type :often used in middle-east,UK ,Italy and so on.

(4).fastener type :often used in France ,Poland and so on.


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