CE Certified Guedel Airway


CE Certified Guedel Airway

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Product Description


CE certified Guedel Airway
1. Made from semirigid non-toxic polyethylene
2. Color-coded bide back
3. Center channel design

CE Certified Guedel Airway


Brief Introduction:

The product, CE certified guedel airway is used to create an air passage way between the mouth and the posterior pharyngeal wall.  Useful when the tongue and/or epiglottis fall back against the posterior pharynx in anesthetized or unconscious patients obstructing the flow of air.



1. Latex free

2. Atraumatic rounded tip

3. Guedel and berman type are available

4. With reinforcement insert

5. Color coding for size identification

6. Sterile by EO, single use


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