Blood Administration Set


Blood Administration Set

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Product Description


Blood Administration Set
1. made of medical grade PVC tube
2.drip chamber with filter to prevent passage of any clot

Blood Administration Set


Brief introduction:

This product, blood administration set is used in delivering measured and regulated blood to patient. It is made of cylindrical drip chamber with / without vent provided with filter to prevent passage of any clot into the patient



1.The soft kink resistance, translucent tubing is prepared from medical treated PVC material;

2.The double drip clearly visible chamber facilitates visual access and rapid adjustment of fluid level;

3.Specially designed roller (thumb) controller offer accurate regulation of infusion rate;

4.Self sealing bulb latex for extra medication to avoid any contamination and easy flushing.



Item No. Drip chamber Flow regulator Injection site Connector Needle
HTF0501 Injection molding PE or ABS

W/WO clamp

Ball shape latex tube luer lock Hypodermic  needle


HTF0502 Extrusion molding PE or ABS

W/WO clamp

Straight latex tube Luer slip or luer lock Hypodermic needle





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