Angel Sounds Home Use Fetal Doppler


Angel Sounds Home Use Fetal Doppler

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Product Description


Angelsounds Home Use Fetal Doppler
1. All to one design
2. Detect above 16 weeks fetal heartbeat
3. CE,ISO13485, FDA approved

Angelsounds Home Use Fetal Doppler


Brief Introduction:

This product, Angelsounds home use fetal doppler is designed for private use at home basis, is pocket sized, battery-operated devices that send out low-frequency ultrasound waves. The ultrasound waves pass through your skin and tissue and then bounce back. this bounce is then translated into sound so that you can hear. This product is designed for deteccting above 16 weeks fetal heartbear with some gel or water or oil on the probe.



1. Main unit, .0Mhz probe, all to one design;

2. 9V battery enable enough power;

3. It can detect above 12 to 16 weeks fetal heartbeat of the baby;

4. Accurate detection, high sensitivity probe in continuous working principle;

5. Portable design enables very convenient operation and ergonomic design;

6. CE, ISO 13485, FDA approved.



Item Number Item Name Certificate available
HTP-100S3 Home Use Fetal Doppler CE, ISO 13485, FDA


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