Air Pump Type A

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Product Description


Air Pump(type A)
1. Digital control/pressure range adjusting from 20-70MMHG
2. Cycle time options
3. Air output: 6-8L/min

Air Pump (Type A)


Our company is professional in supplying various types of Air Pump and anti-decubitus mattress. Our alternaing air pump for mattress system and alternating air pump for anti-decubitus mattress is offering a variety of woundcare solutions for the treatment and healing of pressure ulcers.


Basic figures:

Sizes: 28*20*10cm

Weight: 2.28kgs

Power consumption: <10W*50/60Z auto adjustment


Main features:

1. Digital control/pressure range adjusting from 20 to 70MMHG;

2. Cycle time option: 10/15/20/25MIN;

3. Air output: 6-8liter/min;

4. Three modes:

a) alternating mode(dynamic)

b) static mode

c) auto firm mode (the pump will statically inflate from 30min, and then switch back automaticaly to the mode (alternating or static) before setting auto firm mode);

5. Audible & visible alarm / alarm reset

6. Lock function: lock the panel to prevent mal-operations;

7. Hook for hanging on hospital bed/double changeable fuse


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