Adhesive Silk Tape

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Product Description


Adhesive Silk Tape
1. Be made of silk
2. High adhesion
3. Latex free
4. CE, ISO, FDA approved

Adhesive Silk Tape


Brief Introduction:

The adhesive silk tape is used for fixing the dressings, catheters and other medical supplies.




1. Be Breathable and comfortable;

2. High adhesion;

3. Low allergenic;

4. Latex free;

5. Easy to adherence and tear if neede;

6. Non-deteriorating and non-distortion;

7. CE, ISO, FDA approved.



Item No. Size(cm) Packing
HTG0125 1.25×910 24rollsx30box, 720rolls/ctn
HTG0250 2.5×910 12rolls/30box, 360rolls/ctn
HTG0500 5×910 6rolls/30box, 180rolls/ctn
HTG0750 7.5×910 4rolls/30box, 120rolls/ctn


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