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Medical Division
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Medical products efficient purchase is all about making the right choice!

We give you choices.

You set the quality, price and time.

We make it happen.

The Highest Quality Medical Supplies at the Lowest Price Available.

Global Trading Network Ltd, is a Hong Kong based corporation which highly improves access and reach of the Asian Market, primarily mainland China, India, other and enhances opportunities for us to expand our choice of offers on every product of your interest.


Global Trading Network Ltd. Is a completely new kind of medical equipment, medical supplies provider. We not only sell our own products, we partner with a huge network of manufacturers to assure your company, the best quality, at the best price and above all, our best service.

The main goals behind Global Trading teamwork are:

  • Deliver affordable, high quality medical supplies and equipment to our clients.
  • Provide accurate, comprehensive product information to help our clients make the right decisions.
  • Achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction.